martes, diciembre 05, 2017


En Septiembre,1987,la revista ESPIONAGE,publico un breve report sobre submarinos comprados por Argentina.
La nota en ingles:
HOW NOT TO BUY A SUBMARINE:"A key component of that rebuilding has been Argentina's attempt to construct a force of modern submarines.To that end,Argentina contracted with several West German to build two TRI700 attack submarines,among the most advanced non-nuclear craft in the world.When the submarines were finished,the Argentines proudly named them the San Juan and the Santa Cruz,and prepared to sail them across the Atlantic.But as the subs left the German ports,who should be waiting for them but a small flotilla of British warships,crammed of full electronic gear.The British let the subs pass by-all the while recording every possible electronic transmission emitted from them.As the Argentines angrily deduced,tha meant the British now have a complete "electronic signature" of the submarines,intelligence that will come in very handy in the event of another war,armed with a submarine's signature,antisubmarine force can track it down(and drestroy it) with case.Now the Argentines would like to know who told the British submarines were coming"
La tragedia del A.R.A.SANJUAN,puede no estar vinculada con el sistema de espionaje montado por los britanicos,poco despues de la Guerra en Malvinas.Lo cierto es,si la informacion es correcta,la "firma electronica"del navio fue copiada y sus futuros desplazamientos "sub aqua"serian controlados por los sistemas britanicos.Tres decadas despues,la firma se extinguio en lo profundo del mar.